The Mobius team is involved with a variety of social causes, that offer help to the most disadvantaged groups and environmental initiatives that mainly raise awareness.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The commitment of the Mobius team to society has led to the development of Mobility Plans that help to reduce the polluting gases produced by commuting staff and visitors; this initiative is also available to its customers.

Good corporate governance practices

1. Protecting the rights of shareholders.

2. Ensuring equal treatment for all shareholders, including minority and foreign shareholders.

3. All shareholders must have an opportunity to receive effective compensation when their rights are violated.

4. Recognising the rights of interested third parties and promoting active cooperation between them and companies to create wealth and jobs, and make financial companies sustainable.

5. Ensuring that they receive adequate information on time regarding all important company affairs, including its financial position, performance, shareholdings and administration.

6. Ensuring strategic guidance for the company and the effective oversight of the management team by the board of directors.

Armen DemirjiánRSC